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Digital Education in Bhartiya Public Schools


Digital Learning Makes Students Smarter



Digital education is a revolutionary method of imparting knowledge, especially since it levels the playing field for all students. In addition to engaging students, digital learning tools and technology sharpen critical thinking skills, which are the basis for the development of analytic reasoning. ... They also promote cooperation and teamwork which are very important skills, in every aspect of life.

Technology has the ability to enhance relationships between teachers and students. When teachers effectively integrate technology into subject areas, teachers grow into roles of adviser, content expert, and coach. Technologyhelps make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun.

All the Bhartiya Public Schools are having Smart Classrooms wherein education is imparted through digital learning tools.  All the Schools are provided with free Wi fi facility to the Teachers and Computer Labs. The Schools are well connected with the students, parents and teachers through 3ischools app and online facility to communicate with the school, know the Timetable, School Activities, Homework, Syllabus, Students detailed progress, Results, Fees payment etc, Attendance of the students and staff are made through RFID Cards. The Bhartiya Public schools are having competent and qualified teachers and staff to impart digital education. 

The Bhartiya Public Sr. Sec. School Chamba HP is online with “3ischools”. Students, Parents & Employee of the school can download the "3ischools appfrom the link for their Android Mobile.

                  You can download the app from the link for your iphone.  



Gone are the days when classroom training was restricted to textbook learning, teachers using the blackboard to students writing notes in copies. Its more chalk and talk in most schools. Digital education is making its way into the education system of India and is taking the place of the traditional classroom training.


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