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Senior Year Farewell Party

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Students of Class XI are preparing to throw a farewell party to their senior outgoing XII student of the Bhartiya Public Sr. Sec. School Chamba and students of class IX are also preparing to through a get together party to their senior X class students of Bhartiya Public Sr. Sec. School Chamba, Bhartiya Public School Sultanpur High and Bhartiya Public School Sarol.

Farewell and get together parties of school are so precious and important in ones life that one always keep remembering these moments. Aspirations are very high and emotions comes to its peak. These are turning moments when one may leave one another for years together. I remember my farewell of 10th Class in the year 1969 when many of us have not met with each other till this date. So enjoy and live every moment of farewell and get-together party of your school.


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